I spent a little over two years with my divorce because child custody difficulties, but the Richardson Law Firm was there every step of the way. As far as business, communication was never an issue. Tony explained every step of the process as we were going through it, and answered any questions I had. Even if I had a question when he was unavailable, I would get a text that he would call me soon. He didn't fill my head with false hopes on what to expect, and as we went through the process, he gave me options and supported my decisions along the way. He has a good ethical standing, and will fight for what's right for you and your kids.

I couldn't have had a better attorney.

Kevin S.

The Richardson Law Firm is the BEST law firm hands down in Kissimmee, FL to go to if you have any family law issues. Mr Richardson did everything in his power and fought hard to win my case. Unlike other attorneys, he does not lie to you or is just in it for the money. He actually takes your case seriously and works hard for the best, quickest outcome of your case possible. He always had answers to all my questions and concerns and always got back to me quickly. Mr. Richardson is straightforward and aggressive in court and makes sure he fights hard for your rights. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. If you're looking for an aggressive and reliable attorney to fight hard for you, The Richardson Law Firm is the place to definitely call before calling anywhere else. Thank you Mr Richardson for all your hard work and dedication on my case!

Nikita S.